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  9. Wave Metal Frame Wallet (Size M) / Black

Wallets,Card holders

Wave Metal Frame Wallet (Size M) / Black


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Wallets,Card holders

Wave Metal Frame Wallet (Size M) / Black


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NOTE: This product is for international buyers.

Not for sale in Japan.

This is pettica's signature metal frame clutch wallet.
Natural colored oil leather, tanned by chrome tannins are used on this wallet.

Enjoy the soft touch and the weathered look and depth of color that come with time and use.

As the same leather is used even on the folding part,
you will be able to fully enjoy the leather's characteristics.

The wallet can hold two cards and the cash can be put in folded.
The leather will become glossy over time and use.

【About the creator】
pettica is all about enjoying the high-quality material with a touch of Pop.
Between "Mode" and "Craft" is where we stand.

pettica is located in Matsuyama city in Ehime and
we make handmade bags, purses, and other items.

We aim to create something perpetual and undying like a pop song
that touches you and keeps moving you at all times.

■Material: Cow Leather, Cotton
■Made in Ehime
■Brand: pettica
■Manufacturer: minne
■Size: W12 cm x H11 cm (NOT including the stud closure) x D3.5 cm
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 80
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 400
・Please note that the actual product may be different in color from the pictures.
・Depending on the season, the color of the leather may vary.
・All the items are handmade, please understand that each item is unique and different in size/shape/color.
・Please be mindful of the leather's characteristics, it might stain or lose color while using the wallet in the rain or getting in contact with water.
・The leather might have bug bites or creases. Please understand that this is one of the leather's characteristics and a proof that it is genuine leather.


■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V05054999028

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