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  9. Double-Fried Kokuto Karinto

Traditional Japanese Sweets

Double-Fried Kokuto Karinto


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Traditional Japanese Sweets

Double-Fried Kokuto Karinto


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We use a double frying method for this sweet; first, we fry it at a lower temperature for thorough frying, and then we fry it at a higher temperature to achieve the crunchiness on the outside. This method allows the karinto (deep fried sweetened cracker) to have a soft texture on the inside while staying crunchy on the outside. We use rice oil for frying which gives the product a refreshing dryness. Enjoy the rich taste of black sugar soaked in the karinto.

■Ingredients: Sugar (Black Sugar, Sugar, Syrup, Wasanbon Sugar), Wheat, Vegetable Oil, Dextrin, Wheat Germ, Non-fat Dry Milk, Sesame, Yeast, Egg Shell Calcium, Leavening Agent, Antioxidant (Tocopherol from soybeans, Rosemary Extract from soybeans)
■Content: 180g
■Content (including packaging): 190g
■Made in Japan
■How to serve: Take out of the packaging and eat as it is.
■Precautions: After opening, finish as soon as possible.
This product is produced in a facility with peanut- and egg-containing products.
■Storing: Store in room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, and extreme heat and humidity
■Manufacturer: Aokikouetudo Co., Ltd.

■ We can not deliver to the following countries.
  ・ Japan

Item No. V01733999028
Jan: 4902770180059

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