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  9. Canned Dotenabe with Hiroshima Oyster


Canned Dotenabe with Hiroshima Oyster


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Yamato Foods


Canned Dotenabe with Hiroshima Oyster


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It is a canned food of a familiar local Hiroshima's cuisine "Kaki no Dotenabe (oyster and vegetable miso hot pot)". "Dotenabe" is a miso flavored hot pot which miso is put on the inside of the pot like a bank, and cook oysters and vegetables while letting miso melt in a soup. Hiroshima brand "Fuchu miso" which is made at a long-established store "Kanemitsu miso" is the key ingredient, and it is finished with a full of oyster flavor. Enjoy as it is, or heat up and consume with white rice.


Ingredients: oyster (Hiroshima), konjac noodles, fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, miso, fermented seasoning, sugar, Chinese cabbage extract, flavor seasoning, protein hydrolyzate, yeast extract, spices, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), thickener (processed starch), coagulant for tofu (soybean curd)(magnesium chloride (bittern)), coagulant for konjac (calcium hydroxide), caramel coloring (wheat, soybean, and mackerel are partially included for the ingredients)

Contained: 155 g

Weight (incl. packaging): 205g

Place of origin: Japan

How to serve: serve as it is. If it is heated up, it will be more delicious.


When heating, either hear up as a canned, or transfer the container.

If not finishing all, change the container and store in a refrigerator. Also, consumed immediately after opening the can.

*The juice may be splashed when opening the can because it is fulfilled with juice. 

How to store: store at room temperature

Manufacturer: Yamato Foods

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Item No. V04555999028
Jan: 4582223520634

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