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UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves


In Stock V05350999028
EL I Shi Co., Ltd.


UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves


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The cool and smooth touch of these arm sleeves will keep you
comfortable and well protected from the UV rays in the heat of the summer.

Protecting your skin from the UV rays is important not only when you play
sports/spend time outside, but also when you run errands around the town.

These arm sleeves cover the entire hand with separate openings
for fingers, so it won't interfere with finger movements or gripping.
Let's shield your skin from the harsh UV rays this summer.

■Color: Black 
■Size: One Size(Length: approx. 43 cm)
■Material: Nylon, Polyurethane
■Made in Hyogo
■Brand: SOWAN
■Manufacturer: LIC CO. LTD. 
■Weight (g)(Product Only):50
■Weight (g)(Including Packaging):60
・Images shown are illustrative purposes only. The actual products may vary in color.
・"TORAY QUUP-LT® (trademarked)", the fabric used in this product is manufactured using 
   TORAY's special technology that forms polymer alloy structure combining polymers 
   in the nano-metric scale, which makes it virtually impossible to wash off 
   the cooling and the UV protection polymer blended in the fabric. 
・Constant friction may cause pilling. Turn cloth inside out when washing.

Item No. V05350999028

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