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Coffee, Black tea

[FUJIYAMA COFFEE ROASTERS] Cold-Brew Coffee Bag (3 Bags)


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Fujiyama Coffee Roasters

Coffee, Black tea

[FUJIYAMA COFFEE ROASTERS] Cold-Brew Coffee Bag (3 Bags)


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Steep overnight with water in a fridge and you'll have an authentic glass of iced coffee!
One bag of coffee can make about five glasses. 

"Fujiyama Coffee Roasters" is a specialty coffee shop run by a married couple who love Yamaguchi as much as they love coffee.
They have a cafe inside the coffee shop and you can get not only blended coffee beans but also single-origin coffee beans.

The specialty coffee is all about traceability and transparency in terms of where the beans come from and the profile of the coffee.
They are of high quality and have well-balanced flavor, and there are strict standards and evaluations for the coffee beans
to be categorized as such. 

Their most popular item, "Kingyo Chochin Blend" is used for this cold-brew coffee bag.
By steeping slowly with water, it brings out both pleasant acidity and a sweet aftertaste.

Kingyo Chochin (goldfish lantern), Yanai city's signature traditional craft is illustrated on the package.
Yanai city is located in Yamaguchi Prefecture and it is famous for the annual goldfish lantern festival.

■Set Includes: Cold-Brew Coffee Bag 50g x 3 Bags
■Ingredient: Coffee (Origin: Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia)
■Content: 150g
■Weight (Including Packaging): 164g
■Manufactured in Yamaguchi, Japan
■How to serve: 
Prepare 900ml of water in a jar, add a bag of cold-brew coffee and leave in the fridge overnight.
Steeping for over 12 hours can make robust coffee. Remove the bag at your preferred timing. 
■Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store at room temperature. 

Item No. V05532999028

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